OSI Superboard RevD

OSI Superboard RevD

This is my OSI Challenger C1P Superboard RevD

Starting to Populate the PCB Klyball 600D

Next up testing the System with the CEGMON ROM and added the cherry MX switches with a custom keycap set.

I’ll add a home made RAM upgrade so I have 32k RAM Installed


Now to start on a case I had some spare alloy from another project.

Did a rough size up of the C1P. Thanks Philip

Keyboard cutout.

Did the cutout for the keyboard and made up a rough 3D printed badge for the size of my case. Thanks again Philip for the Font.

Final test fit now with the bottom Aluminum case part made just needs a sand up and paint.

Paint job I decided to go for Black and white.

First Boot in the new case.

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