Apple II Rev 0

Apple II Rev 0

Background on the Apple II Rev 0 Replica

The first 6000 or so Apple II’s sold, were equipped with what is called a revision 0 motherboard.  A number of Apple II motherboards were also sold at the same time without case, keyboard or power supply.  Most of these bare board systems were revision 0.  One of these early machines was my personal Apple II.  At some point, when the machine was on loan to a family member’s business, the original rev 0 board failed.  It was repaired via replacing the motherboard with a rev 3 board.  Over the last few years, I’ve been working to restore the machine to original condition.  In the process, I’ve spent a long time looking for an appropriate Rev 0 motherboard.  

This is my Apple II Rev 0 build.

Over the Past year (2021_2022) I have been getting the parts together to make a Apple II Rev 0 computer. To add to my Apple II line collection.

It’s been a labor of love and a lot of fun, this is a small amount of photo’s to show how it came about, as I designed the case from old bits of New Zealand Rimu i had laying around and Aluminum left over for the OSI project.

I have also made myself up some CFFA cards for tesingt on the Apple II line of computers

I now have

  • CFFA v1.2
  • CFFA v1.3
  • CFFA v2.0
  • CFFA v3000
  • Plus Floppy emu and a SDisk
The Motherboard almost together

The Case build

Sizing up the Case and custom Keyboard
Aluminum folded up
The Keyboard cutout
Testing of the motherboard
The test fit before top case going on
Needed a 16K-Language RAM-Card so wired one up.
Testing out the Floppy emu and CFFA v2.0
CFFA 1.2
CFFA 2.0
Now working with Disk drive and CFFA card together.

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  1. Andreas says:

    What a great looking case! Congratulations! 🙂

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