Apple IIc

Apple IIc

The Apple IIc was released on April 24, 1984, during an Apple-held event called Apple II Forever. With that motto, Apple proclaimed the new machine was proof of the company’s long-term commitment to the Apple II series and its users, despite the recent introduction of the Macintosh. The IIc was also seen as the company’s response to the new IBM PC, and Apple hoped to sell 400,000 by the end of 1984. While essentially an Apple IIe computer in a smaller case, it was not a successor, but rather a portable version to complement it. One Apple II machine would be sold for users who required the expandability of slots, and another for those wanting the simplicity of a plug and play machine with portability in mind.







An Apple IIc with monitor

DEVELOPER: Apple Computer, Inc.
RELEASE DATE: April 24, 1984; 33 years ago
INTRODUCTORY PRICE: US$1,295 (equivalent to $3,050.43 in 2017)
CPU: 65C02 @ 1.023 MHz
MEMORY: 128 KB RAM (up to 1.125 MB)



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