The SBC8080 is a simple board computer consisting of an Intel 8080 based CPU board and a SUB board with a memory / terminal interface. Over time, this product will be the printed circuit board of the CPU board. The parts to be placed on the printed circuit board should be prepared and soldered by yourself. The finished appearance is shown below.



Connecting the CPU board and the optional SUB board with a flat cable with a 40-pin connector completes the SBC8080 computer, the smallest component that runs the Intel 8080. Furthermore, you can use Tiny BASIC and 1-pass assembler / disassembler by installing a separately sold system ROM .




The SBC 8080 system ROM is an EPROM written with Tiny BASIC with machine language mode. By attaching it to the SBC 8080 SUB board, you can use Tiny BASIC and 1 pass assembler / disassembler as shown below. You do not need to be able to write the EPROM yourself. Use this product if you do not have the eraser or writer for the UV erasable EPROM.

CPU Board


SUB- Board



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