Kim -Uno

Kim -Uno

The KIM Uno is a small “open-source hardware” project to build a replica of the classic 1976 KIM-1 computer. It doubles up as a 6502 programmable calculator. It costs about $10 in commonly available parts (board & parts without case or power supply), but provides a faithful KIM-1 ‘experience’. An atMega328 (Arduino Pro Mini, actually) mounted on the back of the board contains all the logic and memory.

The KIM Uno has some of the most interesting 6502 software of that early period built in to ROMs. So you can also play chess, use it as a programmable calculator and experience some of the earliest software development tools written by pioneers like Steve Wozniak, Jim Butterfield and Peter Jennings – dating back to a period when microprocessors had only been in existence for 2-3 years. Software archaeology!





Kim-Uno with 3D printed case

Running  Micro chess in terminal mode

Can also run with the on board battery

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