S100 – 9 Slot System

S100 – 9 Slot System

The S100 Computer System

I have been interested in S100 systems ever since I was a young lad about age 14.  I have rekindled my interest in them over the last few years. I had joined a computer group called the N8VEM back in early 2000 (now known as RetroBrew Computers) and I built a Z80 system that I found on there.  I then found out about the s100 Computers.com group about 3 years ago, and have been a member ever since.







These are the cards in my current setup

From back to front

  1. Console I/O board Propeller Chip Driven v2.51
  2. Serial I/O Board v3.1
  3. Bus extender
  4. 4MB RAM board (with 1MB installed)
  5. MS-DOS support board v3a
  6. Z80 CPU board v2
  7. 8088 CPU board v1
  8. Dual IDE board v3a
  9. SMB (System monitor board) v2

Clicking on any one of the images will take you to the S100computers.com website of the board to selected.








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