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Here is my collection of vintage computers and electronics.

I'm a bit of a hobbyist and have done a variety of different projects and restorations.
I will be adding new posts from time to time as I complete each project. Here are some of my recent posts below ... enjoy.
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TEI MicroFrame

TEI MicroFrame This is my TEI chassis with 12 slot backplane, Have now recapped the power and changed it over to 240 volt. Will add the Z80 that is sitting on top or a 8080A CPU board not sure yet with RAM/EPROM board with a serial board for another S100 system.                     Read More...

IBM XT 5160

IBM XT 5160 The IBM Model 5160 was as you might guess, a more powerful version of the IBM PC Model 5150. The ‘XT’ designation distinguished it from the 5150 ‘PC’. It was introduced in 1983 and, like it’s predecessor the IBM 5150, it was available with either a CGA colour video card or a monochrome (text-only) MDA video card. It shipped with more RAM on the motherboard and had 163W power supply to better support the supplied 10MB or 20MB hard disk drive (increased from the 93W PSU used in the 5150). The (mostly unused) tape port mysteriously disappeared – a sign of the times!... Read More...

Dream 6800 40th Anniversary

Dream 6800 40th Anniversary

Dream 6800 40th Anniversay vintage computer, Has been designed by David Fry (UK), has completed an elegant re-design of the DREAM using a double-sided PCB (pictured below). It has an on-board switchmode regulator for the +5V supply and a DC/DC converter for negative 5V. Memory has been upgraded to 4KB using two 6116 RAM chips. The EPROM can be a 2716 or 2732 type. Otherwise, David’s design remains faithful to the original. The download includes KiCad PCB design files and Gerber files for board fabrication.


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