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Here is my collection of vintage computers and electronics.

I'm a bit of a hobbyist and have done a variety of different projects and restorations.
I will be adding new posts from time to time as I complete each project. Here are some of my recent posts below ... enjoy.
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Altair 8800c Clone Computer

Altair 8800c Clone Computer Started collecting boards and parts for the new build. Altair 8800c CPU board Read More...

2650 Mini Computer

2650 Mini Computer A remake of the EA 2650 mini system In May 1978, Electronics Australia described a small development board based on the Signetics 2650 microprocessor. For many people in Australia (the author included), this was the first computer that was cheap enough to buy and build even if you were a student or beginner. This update to the simple and elegant design of the original provides a new PCB that evokes the original while adding modern alternatives to some of the hard-to-get parts of the original. The original article text is included at the end of this document The new board has three options over the... Read More...

Apple II Plus

Apple II Plus

The Apple II+ was the successor of the Apple II.

It was fully compatible with the Apple II, however, has some new features: a new ROM containing the AppleSoft Basic (floating point version written by Microsoft), a new auto-start (store in ROM) for easier start-up and screen editing, 48 KB RAM, text modes were the same as the
Apple II, but the graphic modes were enhanced. They’re the same as the Apple 2e: 16 colors with low resolution and 6 colors with high resolution. In fact the 6-color mode was also available on the Apple II since the revision 1 of the motherboard.


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