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S.D System Z80 Starter Kit

S.D System Z80 Starter Kit

In 1979, S.D. Systems and Micro Design Concepts released the Z80 Starter Kit as an SBC – single board computer.

Able to run either 8080 or Z80 software, it was designed as the best value on the market for the hobbiest / experimenter / student who wants to learn about and work with microcomputers.

The built-in ZBUG Monitor program is a 2,048 byte program written for the Z80 which allows the user to enter and debug machine-level Z80 programs.

Input is accomplished via a hexadecimal keyboard plus 12 command keys.
Output is the 6-digit 7-segment LED display.

The expansion capabilities are vast, with on-board wire wrap area and two optional S-100 bus connectors, although only 45 out of 100 signals are present.